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Small and Mid-sized Business (SMB) company’s owners and management face the same obstacles as larger organizations, but generally without the supporting resources.  As a SMB owner/operator, you carry the responsibilities shouldered in larger organizations by staffed leadership/resource organizations surrounding the plethora of CXO positions. 

Finding the time, talent and resources to address the most challenging and potentially beneficial activities of identifying and improving performance opportunities, conflicts with "running the business".  As a result you either delegate the activities to overextended or untrained managers or hold those projects until you have the time.   

Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with a number of SMB owners and management such as yourself, and in general you have indicated that you know your organization is capable of achieving more, but you have been unable to assign the appropriate resources and/or time to identify and improve your operations.  As one individual described his company's condition.

“I’ve got a tremendous product and great staff, but my company is not where it could be!  Everyday is just too "Chaotic".  I'm unable to focus on the areas that need improvement.  I can't tell how much I'm leaving on the table."

TNTuck Business Solutions, LLC  (TNT) assists small and mid-sized companies find the opportunities in their “Chaos” and improve their operations resulting in maximized revenue, cash flow and customer experience.  TNT has assisted companies with $1M to over $1B in revenue achieve and surpass their "Return on Investment" objectives by delivering sound, pragmatic and executable operational and customer experience performance improvement programs.

Operational and Customer Experience Performance Improvement Services including

  • Operational and Financial Business Intelligence and Analysis
  • Process, Technology and Performance Improvement Programs
  • Customer Experience Improvement Programs
  • Continuing Performance Enhancement

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