TNT understands the trials of managing the evolving elements required to operate a successful business, from the highest levels of organization goals and designs to the process and job level activities.  TNT supports our clients by providing a holistic approach to the development and transformation of their operations, whether driven by external forces, technological advancements or internal process and organizational challenges. 

During a recent engagement TNT personnel were requested to evaluate a company’s degrading customer revenue retention.  The Board of Directors and CEO were concerned over the high customer attrition/churn and the fact that the organization appeared to be unable to work together to resolve problems/issues resulting in material revenue loss and ineffective new revenue generation. 

In meeting with the operating management and staff during the evaluation phase, the TNT team determined that in general the Company management levels knew they had problems (organizational and process) but had been unable to “pull together or break down silo’s” and as a team develop and execute a plan to resolve. 

Working with Executive management, TNT developed a multi-layered approach to the Company’s dilemma by first focusing on and resolving the issue of a dysfunctional organization followed by the development of a common vision of where the unified organization could go, in this case “How do we improve the customer experience?” 

TNT's approach entailed a series of activities building on each until the ultimate goal/vision was “ripe” for presentation.  Utilizing a more tactical objective (poor customer experience relative to  the credit/collections process) each of the operating units (Sales, Marketing, Service Delivery, Customer Care, Billing, Credit/Collections, Field Operations and Engineering) met together to detail the process (and learn what their fellow “silo’s” roles were in that process).  Over the next few weeks the TNT facilitated team, defined the first performance measurement “Dashboard”  in addition to re-engineering the credit/collections process, developed detailed execution plans, created appropriate training material and communications (internal and external) and retrained the organization as to the new process.

Customer Experience Operational Improvements - From an operational viewpoint the process modification reduced the call volume impact on the company’s call center by greater than 25%.  Customer attrition associated with the modifications to the credit/collection process modifications was reduced in half (excluding ancillary reductions in customer attrition due to the call center impact). 

Financial Improvements - Bad Debt write-offs were also reduced by 50%.

Continuing Improvement - Operational and Financial Performance Measurements – Development of the initial “Dashboard” tracking and reporting mechanisms established new daily Call Center, Accounts Receivable aging and risk analysis and Customer Attrition tracking measurements, along with weekly Bad Debt reporting. 

Continuing Improvement – Education and Communication – Established consistent “Goals/Objectives” in addition to Performance and Performance measurements as it relates to internal (process and job performance measurement) and external (customer experience performance measurement)

But the most important achievement was the education/understanding that as a team they were capable and empowered to change what needed to be changed.  It was at this point that the team was offered the new “vision” of an improved customer experience by embracing the concept of continuous performance improvement in operations and customer experience activities.  TNT personnel assisted in the development of the evolution of the organization into a unit embracing the tenets of Continuing Performance Improvement.

Enhanced Supporting Process modifications were created in association with the Operational and Financial Business Intelligence and Analysis.

Programs were initiated in conjuction with Process, Technology and Performance Improvement  in addition to Customer Experience Improvement

As a result of these additional programs by the end of the first twelve (12) months TNT's Client’s Customer Attrition/Churn fell in excess of 40% and new revenue generation improved by 20%.  

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