Quite simply we assist Small and Mid-sized Business Owners and Management improve their operating performance resulting in:

  • Increased revenue and cash flow,
  • Improved operating process efficiency and effectiveness and
  • Enhanced customer experience and satisfaction, 

What we do to achieve those results, is to identify, measure and benchmark your underperforming activities then design, develop and execute modifications to your company's process, systems and operations to improve your Operating, Financial and Customer Experience Performance.

Detailed Performance Improvement activities will depend on the specific company and engagement activities.  No two companies are alike and TNTuck Business Solutions are designed around your company's, culture, resources and specific needs. 

While we may be engaged to correct a single element of an underperforming activity (for example an ineffective or failing project or development of specific financial or operational analysis or corrections of degraded customer experience), our approach is “Holistic” with the objective to assist companies in the process of identifying what needs to "Change" and executing that "Change".

"One Size does not Fit All !" - TNTuck

Over the past four decades a number of "Business and Performance Improvement / Management" methodologies and tools have evolved (Six Sigma, TQM, Lean, Kaizen, PDCA, Rummler/Brache, Balanced Scorecard, KPI's, ISO etc) and garnered significant degrees of support depending upon a variety of factors.

In the case of these "tools" each has different values given the specific situation.  At TNT, our approach and utilization of any methodology/tool may vary depending on the culture, resources and capabiltiies of the organizations.  Your company is unique and it is our experience that success will begin with understanding your company and its needs and then building solutions specific to your situation. 

At TNT our approach model supports the concept of "Change for Performance Improvement"

  • Identifying what needs to "Change"
  • Executing that "Change"
  • Verifying that the "Change" was successful
  • Continue to "Change" for Performance Improvement

Our approach accentuates the need to incorporate “Supporting” and “Guiding” elements to the company operations.  In other words, assisting the company in developing a continuing activity to define-measure-analyze-improve and monitor the operating performance of a company and the incorporation of those results into a business improvement cycle.

Our "Enterprise Model" used to illustrate the TNT appoach to evaluation of the Company's operational activities follows:

TNTuck Approach Model

Guiding processes are the leadership activities that "Guide" a company.  The Business Plan, The Marketing Plan, The Product or Service Design and the process of Performance Improvement. These elements direct the design and management of the core company processes of Delivering product or service and the Consuming/conversion of assets.

Supporting processes (such as the generation of financial statements and other operational reports) are reviewed and used to "adjust" or "modifiy" the plans.  If your financial or operational performance is not what you planned or desire how can that Performance be improved?

These Guiding and Supporting activities generally already exist to some extent in most organizations but may not be operating effectively or covering all of the areas they should.

How do you compare?

For example, the generation of financial statements is the start of one of the most basic “cycles” of inspection.  Generating the Financial Results is the Supporting activity to the Guiding activity of the Business Plan.  Did you meet your Financial Expectations?

Your Financial Support activities may be weak. Is the information generated timely?  Is it detailed and accurate?  Does it include the information you need?  Is the information sufficient to understand your operating performance?

Your Financial Guiding activities may be weak.  Do you request all the information you need?  How does it compare to your benchmark? Competitors?   Do you review the information and make “corrections” to your business plan/operations? How are corrections made and results verified? 

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