Throughout our projects, it is anticipated that we will be operating as partners in the Performance Improvement programs.  A great deal of our mutual efforts will be associated with “Change” as discussed previously.  Together we will be:

  • Identifying and Defining "What needs to Change"
  • Planning and Executing of "How we Change"
  • Evaluating the results of "What we Changed"

Communication will be essential to these activities and success will require the assistance and support of applicable company resources.

While coaching events and facilitated activities are a common part of the process, we take a “hands on” approach to the goal.  We serve as an enhancement to the company’s resource pool.  We do not merely make recommendations and anticipate action.  As we reach a consensus on the strategy to improve the performance of the company we will program/project manage the actions to ensure the company reachs the committed results.  

Engagement activities will normally execute in four phases.  Standard Program Management tenets are followed:

Initial Consultation – It is our belief that a consistent understanding of the scope of the problems attempting to be addressed and the desired results are the basis for a successful relationship.  This activity may require up to 2 days assistance from management to effectively evaluate the scope of the engagement.  

Detail Evaluation - Based upon the initial consultation we will execute a detailed evaluation of the company’s organization, operations and technology associated with the scoped activity agreed upon to be addressed via the initial consultation activity.  During this phase a great deal of communication with and among your organization’s functions will be necessary to prepare for the planning phase.  It is during this phase that the initial development of the Operational and Financial Business Intelligence and Analysis begins.

Planning and Design-  During this activity we will develop in conjuction with assigned resources the modifications to policy,process, along with requirements associated with any technology modifications.  Additionally detailed plans and assignments will be developed along with planning for rollout activities such as training.

Execution. – Working with the impacted organizations, this phase will constitute the project/program managed modification of existing process, procedures, policy, technology, and reporting to move the organization to the desired state and construct/initialize the monitoring and reassessment activities.      

Inherent in our approach to improving a company's performance is the identification of what we are changing and what we anticipate the change will yield in results.  Just as our approach anticipates a continual assessment of our results, the value of our activity is embedded in that measurement and assessment.  Our clients have recognized returns on their investments well in excess of anticipated results.  Our commitment to those returns are an integral part of the engagement scope and plans. 

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